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New Kids Cookbook

Cooking USA Some kids develop an interest in food, the kitchen and cooking at a very young age, and this birthday gift is for them. And if that future chef is your child, this book will make a great addition to his or her bookshelf. Or, pulling this book out on some rainy or snowy afternoon may just help to create that interest in cooking for your child.

Cooking teaches patience, math and fractions, expands sensory perception, encourages them to eat what they’ve made…. In short, cooking with your child has a lot of benefits in addition to being fun. This new book Cooking Around the Country With Kids: USA Regional Recipes and Fun Activities throws some geography, regional history and culture into the mix.

The recipes themselves are from scratch, rather than from mixes, so parent and child will be having fun together when using this book. The recipes are also pleasing to adults as well as being kid friendly. Serve the results up to the family, and check out the great big smile on the chef’s face.

The author, Amy Houts, is an accomplished children’s book author, and this is her second cookbook for kids. She and the publisher have made a sample of the recipes in this book available to download, so you can get a feel for the book before you purchase it. And there are several reviews you can read on Amazon- just mouse-over the graphic above and click to get there.

A birthday party gift that encourages creativity is a special gift for a special friend. Even if that special child is your own.

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