Nature Hunt

PlantsNow that the good weather’s coming, park and backyard outdoor birthday party games are back on the list. And a Nature Hunt is easier than you think to put together for your party kids.

From preschool age to preteens and tween, just adjust the difficulty and this birthday party games works for a variety of age groups. It is, of course, a perfect game for any camping themed birthday party.

Divide the groups into teams and give them a defined area for their search. Preschoolers should have an adult tagging along with each group to keep them out of the street, etc.  Older kids can even be given a map of the park or the neighborhood with the search area defined in red.

Prepare your list of items ahead of time and have one for each child. The teams should be given the same items, but in a different order and all mixed up so it’s not readily apparent that the lists are identical. Young ones can get a list of pictures you’ve pulled from the web. Older ones might also benefit from pictures if the items on your nature hunt list aren’t all things they are totally familiar with.

The list is the guts of this game, but it’s not really hard. Here are some ideas, ranging from easy for the young ones to harder for the older ones. The older the kids, the longer your list can be.

  • 3 leaf clover
  • white rock or stone
  • pine cone
  • berry
  • vine
  • seed or seed pod
  • acorn
  • oak leaf
  • maple leaf
  • fern leaf
  • fungus or mushroom
  • worm
  • feather
  • spider web
  • ladybug or beetle

You can google “nature scavenger hunt items” and you’ll find other ideas for your list.

Older kids can use their cell phones to take pictures of any items they can’t bring back, so your list could include things like animal tracks, an animal hole in the ground, birds nest. Younger kids can have the adult with their group take such pictures.

Give them a time limit, maybe 20 minutes for young ones up to perhaps an hour for the older ones – who will no doubt find other things to do and laugh about as they complete their searches.

The Nature Hunt in yet another of the no cost, minimal prep games that can make your next kids party easy and stress free.

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