Nail Polish

Nail Polish Roulette

Nail PolishDon’t just paint their nails, or let them do it, play Nail Polish Roulette. Make a fun game out of this spa or sleepover party girls’ staple.

Thanks to for this ideaРi just added a few embellishments.

It’s a play on ‘spin the bottle’, except the bottle is a bottle of nail polish- the base coat or the top coat, no color. Arrayed around the spin bottle in a circle, you’ll have 10 – 12 different colored bottles of nail polish. Place a penny or some small marker by 3 or 4 of these bottles- these are the doublers.

With the girls also arrayed in a circle, each one spins the spinner bottle and whatever colored bottle of polish it ends up pointing to, they get one nail done in that color. If that color has the doubler marker on it, that girl gets a 2nd spin and that second color gets added to the first as stripes or dots or squiggles or a flower on that nail. Use bamboo skewers to make the dots and stripes.

When all is said and done, all the girls will have different colored nails, some with fun designs in different colors. and everyone will be delighted with their decoration. If they’re young, you’ll need a couple of helpers to do the nails. If they’re old enough, let them do each other- the girl to the right of the spinner does the painting, so there’s no arguments about who does what to whom.

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