Mural Project

DrawingHaving the kids create a mural that syncs with your birthday party theme is a great way to keep everyone occupied as your guests arrive and get themselves organized. Rather than just turning them loose at a table with crayons and paper, it becomes a group activity requiring cooperation and planning and discussion, and actually a bit of a challenge. The group dynamics of the project increase with the age of the kids: preschoolers will just draw individually but will still end up with a project that all have contributed to.

Look for the wide, i.e. 48″, roll paper to tack up on wall or lay on the floor. It’s on Amazon so you’ll be able to find it, but if not, tape 2 or more 12″ wide rolls together to make the wider mural. If putting on your wall, use the paint friendly stickies rather than tape and protect your wall with extra paper top and bottom so anybody that misses the mural paper still hits paper and not your paint. Outline the mural with blue masking tape so it’s really clear where they’re supposed to make their art.

Provide the  markers and crayonsРpaints are perhaps a bit too messy. Spark their creativity with some print outs from the web of possible themed art they might wish to copy or to work from.

Making a party themed mural can work for so many different birthday party themes– animals, aliens or monsters, princesses or pirates, dinosaur, cowboys, circus, etc. Turn that awkward ¬†‘arrival time’ into actual party time by incorporating this group art project right into your party.

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