Muffin Cup Snacks

Muffin Cup SnackThere’s more to feeding the ever-hungry kids at your birthday party than just cake and ice cream. If you want them to stay focused for your planned activities, and yes you do, a little fuel along the way can help.

Your party snacks don’t have to be the usual salty, sugary junk food.  Here’s a great cereal based recipe that they’ll love, and that they can even make themselves at the beginning of your party to use up some activity time. Just let it cool and they can devour at will. Perfect if you’re hosting a cooking party- they can make this first, cool it off and then nosh as they cook your other goodies.

And this reminds me of the versatility of muffin cups – perfect for individual servings and pretty to boot. Buy good looking ones, or make them to complement your party theme as per the instructions below, and fill them with healthy fruit bits like berries and nuts, mini-pretzels, grapes, etc.

If you feel creative and have a few minutes to spare, you can make your own muffin cups that tie right in with your party theme. As I’m always saying, use graphics and clip art that you find on line. Re-size and re-orient them to paste around the edges of the paper circles  you’ll be pressing into muffin cups as per these directions. Or, place them in the center to be ‘seen’ when the snack is all gone and the muffin cup is empty.

Muffin cup snacks are a great way to limit their sugar intake with reasonably sized portions as opposed to huge and multiple handfuls that create that dreaded sugar high. So use this technique with or without fancy themed graphics on the cups to add to your party snacks without adding to the kinetic intensity of your party.

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