Movement Fun

Dance RibbonsThe kids will entertain themselves for quite a while if you just give them music and these ribbon wands. Recommended for ages 4 and up, different ages will do different things with these creative movement props.

A tad pricey at just under $20 for 6 wands, if they’re in your budget they’ll also make a great take home party favor for the kids. Any extras you’ll find get used on play dates when they put together those little shows girls so love to do. [NOTE: if you make a purchase at Amazon through the link on this page, I make a commission, which seems fair to me!]

For the young preschoolers, give them music they know and just encourage them to wave the ribbons any way they want– they’ll be enchanted just watching what they can do. The ribbons are 36″ long, so not too unwieldy for little folks. Challenge them to get organized in a line and all do the same thing with their ribbons- first this side, then that side, then over their heads – basically follow the leader, the leader being you.

For older children, provide different kinds of music and challenge them to move and use their ribbons differently to the different music. Have the girls work out a dance routine to whichever piece of music they choose – this will keep them busy for quite a while but is only appropriate for kids at the upper end of the elementary school range, like 9 and 10 years old.

Used as one of your games, these ribbon wands encourage creativity and movement, and will definetely keep the girls busy and happy for a while at your next party. Use them outdoors or in, at a slumber party or princess party; they’ll work for you with a variety of party themes.

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