Mouse Cakes

Here’s yet another cute animal faced cupcake for your next animal party or jungle party or safari party. Get those mouses out of the pantry and onto your party table!

No cake design skills needed here- these are easy. You can even use store-bought cupcakes and ready-made icing if you so choose. You’ll need some sturdy plastic bags like the zippered ones, chocolate sprinkles (jimmies), ‘Famous’ chocolate wafer cookies, little round snack cookies or chocolate cheerio shaped cereal, chocolate mini chips, black licorice, and small pink jelly beans.

For presentation at your party, do include the cheese for your mice, using yellow taffy and a pastry tip to cut out the ‘swiss’ holes. Array the mice cupcakes and the cheese on a platter so it looks like the mice are all going after the cheese, and the kids will love it.

As with any fancy finger food you make for your party, you can make more and send these cuties home with your guests as their take home kids party favors. Perhaps serve chocolate mice at the party and send white mice home.

Cupcakes are perfectly kid sized, and easy to decorate in creative ways to complement your party’s theme. Would you have guessed that mouse cakes would be so simple to make? And when you can start off with store bought cupcakes, it makes your party food that much easier and quick.

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