More Balloon Games

BalloonsToday we’ve got balloon based party games for the older kids, since yesterday we had the little kids having great fun with a balloon play pit. Balloons are fun for all ages! Thanks to yupedia for these two balloon game ideas.

Make a target on poster board and attach it to your wall, garage door or to a tree outside. Give everyone 3-5 balloons that have NOT been blown up. Experiment ahead of time to find the right spot for the line that everybody has to stay behind as they play the game. Make the line with masking or duct tape. Playing one at a time alternating between teams, the kids blow up their balloons some amount and release them to try to hit the target. Score by team.

This second balloon game should be played outdoors. Divide your party group into teams of say 5 kids – 3 teams would be optimal. Give each team 2 more balloons (all the same color) than kids on the team – in other words more balloons than they can easily hold on to. Tell the kids to choose 1 or 2 on each team (depending on the size of the teams) as the ‘thief’s’, the others will be the ‘protectors’.  The objective here is to steal as many of the other teams’ balloons as they can while losing as few of their own balloons to the other teams. This will get wild and loud and be active fun. This is a good game for burning off some excess energy. A reminder up front not to play too rough is probably a good idea – they can touch balloons but not each other.

Balloons cost very little but are the source for some really fun games for the kids.

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