Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse Party

Mouse EarsEveryone’s favorite mouse makes a great birthday party theme for the young ones. Alison over at has done it all, from inventive invites to darling decorations to good games.

These 3 circles make it really easy to project Mickey Mouse almost anywhere you want for decorations. No artistic talent required. Cut them out of black construction paper and tape them up all over. Same with the white paws. If you’re so inclined, make the paws out of felt for each child, and challenge them to open up a tootsie roll or something similar while wearing the paws.

If you don’t want to spring for mouse ear hats for all the guests, do like Alison and add the paper ears to conical party hats.

Alison’s themed games are right out of my playbook- old standby’s cleverly tweaked to fit the party theme, and all age appropriate for preschool aged kids. Bingo using Disney images, a mini treasure hunt disguised as the hunt for Pluto’s bones (milk bones), toilet paper bowling, and my favorite- pin the ears on the birthday child! The ears are simple to make out of construction paper and what a treat for the birthday child to get themselves blown up poster size for the game!

The Mickey cupcakes shown used full sized and mini Oreos on white icing to create the image– now how easy is that. If you want a cake instead it would be ‘a piece of cake’ to put the 3 circle mouse ear graphic in black frosting on top of the white frosting on your cake.

Add those black mouse ears to the top of your lunch bag party favor bags too.

Turns out Mickey Mouse is one of the easier party themes to work with, and one all the little ones know and love.

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