Mario Party 9

Mario 9 Wii

Mario Party 9Give a gift the whole family can enjoy and that gives quality family time together. For families that own a Wii, get together with one or more other parents with children attending the party and pool your funds to give a Wii game.

My thanks to for this idea– they used the game for a birthday party for their 4 year old, and you might want to follow suit!

But I was more taken with her Family Night concept. Recognizing that although parents and children were indeed spending time together, it was also apparent that that time didn’t always amount to much. So, the family dedicated Sunday evenings to family night. One week it was a game, either electronic or an old fashioned board game, another week it was a family movie. How simple an idea, yet something not enough of us actually do. Think about it! That’s my spiel on parenting for today.

And Mario Party 9 is a big hit at this family night, probably because the game never plays the same, it includes 80 mini games, and it combines collective with individual play. So if your gift recipient family isn’t yet into the Mario Party series, this game will make a delightful gift for the whole family to enjoy together.

Buying birthday presents can get difficult and expensive, so sharing with others for a more extravagant gift can make good sense.


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