Party Favors

Save $ Making your Party Favor Bags or Boxes

Party FavorsSave a bit of your hard earned money and make your party favor bags or boxes. It’s easy with available printable templates, stickers, your imagination, ribbon – whatever you want to use.

Take plain old white lunch bags, your kids’ markers, and just decorate them with geometric or whatever designs you fancy: stripes, interlocking squares or circles or triangles, wavy line patterns. Don’t worry about the bag sides- when the two flat surface sides are decorated they’ll look great.

Print out your guests names in fancy font and colors sized to fit the bag and glue their names all over the bags. If your printing and/or handwriting with markers is good (needs to be better than mine) just do it directly on the bags with colored markers. has two printable templates for favor boxes and bags – one with balloon graphics and the other with cake and party hat graphics. These aren’t as big as a lunch bag, but then again maybe that’s a good thing as you needn’t spend to buy as much ‘stuff’ to put in them.

You can, of course, print out just one of these colored templates to use as your model for cutting the rest out of plain paper or cardstock to decorate as above or with stickers or whatever you choose.

Don’t forgot how pretty a simple ribbon bow can make your party favor bag or box. And if you’ve got colorful tissue paper around, it adds a very festive touch to your party favor bags or boxes just as it does to presents in a gift bag.

Spend your money on what you put INSIDE your favorĀ bags, not on the bag or box itself.

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