Making Cookies

Cookie Making Birthday Party Theme

Making CookiesAlways fun for kids, and now at Holiday time, this traditonal family activity can work especially well as your birthday party theme (although it works great any time of year- when isn’t it cookie time?). Hats off to this New Jersey mom for turning cookie parties into a business, even with a permanent Cookie Party space inside the Times Square Toys ‘R Us, but your own kitchen will work just fine.

Depending on the age of your party kids, they can do it all or they can just do the decorating, or somewhere in between. You make the dough, you buy the pre-made sugar cookie dough, they make the dough. You provide the baked but unadorned cookies, or they bake them. You have different colored icings ready for them or you let them at it with the sugar and the food coloring. The choices are yours to make. You will need to provide the cookie cutters plus sprinkles etc. if you want to include these types of cookie decorations as well as the icing.

Plenty of inexpensive plastic table cloths draped (even taped down) over every available work surface should keep your kitchen intact. If they’ll be decorating on tables outside the kitchen, cover those and remember to protect your floors/rugs as well. I recommend lots of damp washcloths or baby wipes for sticky fingers.

Have the music going, sodas and snacks available, plus not very sharp knives (plastic will do) for spreading all the icings. Show the kids how to use plastic bags with a tiny corner cut out with a small amount of icing placed inside as a pastry bag for making designs with the icing.

Paper plates and colored cellophane with curling ribbon makes the cookies a pretty take home party favor too.

A cookie party¬†at home isn’t all that different from going somewhere to do a specific craft, but it IS a whole lot cheaper!

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