Make and Play Dough

DoughKids LOVE play dough, and it makes a great birthday party game as it accommodates itself to any theme. Whatever your theme, just sit them down to create themed items from play dough. Cowboy Party? They can make cowboy hats and horses. Aliens or even just alien faces, and of course space ships, would be fun at a Star Wars or Space party. You provide the play dough, let them provide the imagination.

Make your own play dough from the recipe I found here for you, and have some fun by doing it ahead of time with your birthday child. As this article makes clear, cooking is a very beneficial activity for kids. It’s creative, it teaches problem solving, it involves various of their senses, and it involves math. And it involves doing something fun together.

If your group is small enough, make the play dough with the kids at the beginning of your party and then let them create with their play dough after it’s cooled in the frig for a while and is ready to go. The kids can measure your flour and salt, other kids can do the oil and the tartar, and they can split it in half and choose two colors to add. Now you’ve got two party activities for the ‘price’ of one.

Of course, making play dough is a kids activity you can just do with your own child when you want something fun to do together some rainy afternoon.

Not all party¬†games have to be new and unique– letting the kids partake of an activity you already know they enjoy is a winner too. Follow it up with something new, and you’ve got a winning combination.

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