Make a Movie

DVDGet your birthday child involved in putting their party together and create a unique video birthday party invitation! If their old enough, turn them loose on the project solo, and if not, help them to do it.

Use your webcam, your video camera, or still photos in a slide show. For a slide show, allows you to make 30 second videos for free, and gives you some background templates and music you can work with.

Your birthday child can ham it up to their favorite tunes, rap their invite, dress up in costume to deliver the invitation- whatever they want and have fun doing.

Your video invitation could also be composed entirely of clip art or word art. Find clips on-line that project your theme, copy them, size them, add text – you can do all of this in Word and even go to Word’s clip art gallery (from the drawing toolbar) to find graphics.

You don’t even need any graphics software to handle the ‘pictures’ you create in Word. First, left click on all the components of your picture with the CTRL key on your keyboard depressed to get all the components linked up together. With the cursor on one of the highlighted components, right click your mouse, choose ‘grouping’ and then ‘group’. Now save the grouped picture for your video invitation using the ‘save as’ function and choosing Webpage for the ‘save as type’. This will create both a folder and an html document: the folder will contain your grouped image for you to use in your slide show.

There are various ways you can send out your video invitation. Save it to DVD and either mail them out or hand deliver them. Animoto videos can also be distributed by email. YouTube videos can be set to private so only those you invite can see it.

Start the party fun by having fun making your video invitation.

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