Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles

Magna TilesCreative play that builds math, logic and spatial problem solving skills is a three way winner. These Magna Tiles do all of that, and more and are getting rave reviews from parents over at Amazon and elsewhere.

These magnetized shapes come in both translucent and opaque colors (different sets) that attract on all sides (edges) for building 3D shapes. The 32 shapes in this particular set are equally divided between different sized squares and rectangles and different triangles- adding an angled dimension to the building that works on those math (geometry) and spatial skills. The translucent tiles also teach about color mixing- an added bonus.  An ideas guide is included in the set, but they may totally ignore it as their own imagination and exploration take over.

Magna Tiles are recommended for age three and up, and from what parents have written they continue to provide hours of entertainment well into elementary school age, like 7, which is a good long lifespan for a ‘toy’. Many parents talk about buying more than one set, often several- that’s how much they get used!

These are a bit on the expensive side, so getting together with another family to give as a party present might be the way to go. Or, suggest this edu-toy as a grandparent or other relatives gift.


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