Logic Building Puzzles

Logic Links GameIf you’re like me and would prefer a kids birthday gift that was skill building and fun instead of just plastic nonsense, then you should know about this game. It will engage the birthday child, and friends or family, in entertaining yet challenging puzzles that actually helps them learn logic and deductive reasoning. Very few ‘toys’ can make that claim.

I think it’s best described by the manufacturer, Mindware:Logic Links requires you to think sideways, backwards, right to left and up and down as you read the clues that lead you to the one and only correct answer. Each puzzle is comprised of a series of clues that instruct the player where to place colored chips and solve the puzzle.” The game includes 166 different puzzles and 32 of the game pieces. [NOTE: If you make a purchase through a link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon, and that seems fair to me.]

While it sounds like it’s hard, it is meant to challenge their brains. For kids age 6 and up, the game includes different levels of difficulty so they won’t get bored with it and it can entertain kids of different ages. One reviewer on Amazon recommends that it’s not so good for kids over about 10.

The Amazon reviews suggest that kids really do enjoy playing these games by themselves– challenging themselves to figure it out. All the while building their deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills. All that for a game under $20 makes Logic Links a real bargain.

Grab a Logic Links game for your own children to have around when you’re in need of engaging activities, as well as for that next birthday present that you need to come up with.

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