Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions for Teens

Loaded QuestionsSet the proper tone for your next teen party with a game that gets them thinking and laughing together rather than doing all kinds of things you don’t want them doing. Keeping ‘control’ by pretty much requiring them to play a game sets you up as in control, and can only help.

And Loaded Questions looks like a perfect combination of game and adult that’s still appropriate to work with a teen crowd. Better yet- right now Amazon is having a sale on games by this vendor (All Things Equal games).

The game includes 1300+ questions and is recommended by the manufacturer for ages 12 and up, so even though all the reviews talk about using it with adults or families, it has to be appropriate for teens. And as the reviews show, it’s a terrific icebreaker game, which is also important with a teen party where if things do stay in control you always have to worry that they never get going.

You might want to cull the questions you give the teenage group to eliminate “what’s your favorite beer”, but the examples given in the reviews speak for themselves as to the fun they will engender: “who in this room snores the loudest”, “If you could rid the earth of 3 creatures, which 3 would you dispose of?”

Party games that can actually work with teens are hard to find, so keep this one in mind next time you’ve got a bunch of teens to entertain, even if it’s not a birthday. And once you own it, think of the fun your own family can have with it – the reviews make it pretty clear it works even with younger kids than 12 as a fun family activity. Loaded Questions would also make an excellent family or birthday gift, not necessarily for a kid.

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