LEGO Kirigami

LEGO Kirigami Decorations

LEGO KirigamiMake these simple LEGO men and stand them up around your food table at your LEGO party for easy and cute decorations. All you need are good sharp scissors, lightweight yellow paper and this template for the cutout. Thanks to for creating the template and coming up with the whole idea.

I’d heard of origami but never kirigami, which is the art of cutting paper rather than folding it. I thought I’d covered enough LEGO party ideas, but this was just too simple and too cute too pass up. A sister sibling might very much enjoy making these for her little brothers birthday party – keeps her busy and frees you up to do something else.

Going WAY off topic here, but you need to check out this origami and kirigami resource– you won’t believe some of the stuff you’ll see here. A good bit on this site is suitable for kids crafts and rainy day kids activities. Make sure you check out the toilet paper origami- including wedding dresses!!! ¬†And the Star Wars origami. Who Knew! Might be fun to tackle one of the easier Star Wars origamis with your own Jedi knight.

Your party decorations¬†don’t have to be ornate and expensive. Colorful and fun will do the trick.

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