Karaoke is Easier than You Think

SingerGot a bunch of aspiring performers coming for a sleepover? Give them karaoke as one of your birthday party games and they’ll have a wonderful time. It’s not a hard or expensive as you might think. You don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment to pull this off.

A microphone isn’t really necessary for a small number of kids in a relatively small and confined space, but it’s nice. You can find a pretty inexpensive microphone– this one on Amazon has an average 4 star review from over 50 people and costs less than $20. You need to plug it into speakers, so check out this ehow post on how to do that and see if this is a good solution for you.

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There’s LOTS of downloads on line for free karaoke music. Just google ‘free karaoke downloads’ for various options. When I checked out kariokebar.com from the search page, I’m seeing lots of pop artists the kids would like- Beach Boys, Beatles, Beyonce, Britney Spears (how’d I get all B’s here?), Madonna, Shakira, etc. Just load up your mp3 player or your laptop and let the kids have at it.

Do give them a stage– even if it’s just a special spot on the rug outlined with masking tape and another party kid using a flashlight as a spotlight. Drape a pretty cloth over your curtain rod and put that ‘stage’ in front of the window so it looks like a stage curtain.

Karaoke is definitely a good birthday party game for a slumber party as they can mess around with it as long as they want.

Make your whole party karaoke for a bit older tweens or young teens. Go all out with the mic plugged in to your sound system and a raised platform for a stage. Have them all come dressed as rock stars. Encourage them to dance as well as sing. Let them choose between lip syncing and karaoke, so have plenty of regular tunes available for them too.

There’s no need for an expensive karaoke machine. Include karaoke as one of your games with just the free downloads or with the inexpensive addition of the microphone. They’ll have just as much fun as they would with the expensive machine.

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