It’s the Games, Games, Games

It’s always gratifying to have someone else tell the world the same thing you’ve been saying all along, so my thanks to for doing just that.

This video gives you some good pointers for getting your party priorities straight before you start putting things together, so take a quick look to get yourself on the right path. And the BIG takeaway is that the MOST IMPORTANT THING is the games and activites that you plan. The kids want to be ENTERTAINED. They care far less about your food and decorations. Stop thinking like an adult orchestrating an adult party. Think like a kid.

And this video points out that it’s the kids that always know what’s going to be ‘hot’– don’t know how they know but they do.

Two big movies are coming out that will spawn lots of birthday party theme requests this summer- the new Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and the new Cars movie. So be prepared to be asked for these themes. If you’ve got it in your budget, check out some of these craft/take-home-favor kits you see in the video.

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