Is TV Over-Stimulating Young Children?

Is there a link between the stimulation young kids get from watching television and the overstimulation that is ADD and ADHD or just plain attention and focus difficulties?

GUEST POST: Are We Over-Stimulating Young Children? By Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell – Well Tree Learning.

As the parent of a moderately ADD child, the arguments presented in this article about this connection make perfect sense to me. Rapidly changing visual stimuli may be pre-conditioning the young child’s developing brain to expect high levels of stimulation, leading to attention deficit in later years. There are studies which show a relationship between the amount of TV kids watch before the age of three and attention problems in school.

Not all TV falls into the overstimulating category, so parental choice in what they watch can help. Slower moving images with more real-time narrative and story telling provide more ‘cognitive stimulation’, akin to reading to them, singing together, talking with them. Obviously, more real world stimulation and less TV stimulation is the best choice.

Do find the 16 minutes for the TEDx video on the link. In the spirit of the highly successful TED talks- “ideas worth spreading”, TEDx is done at the local level, but insightful none-the less.

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