Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Fool them all with these fun ice cream cone cupcakes. PERFECT if you have a cupcake stand to show them off, but even just lined up on the table they look great. And here’s yet another ‘Thank You’ to the folks at Betty Crocker Kitchens for their terrific birthday cupcake ideas.

You’ll need the flat bottom cones, candy like M&M’s that will fit inside the cone, regular sized and mini cupcakes, your colorful icing and sprinkles to finish them off. Although the cupcakes fit perfectly inside the cones in the video, if yours don’t just trim them up so they do fit. A good sharp knife will make fewer crumbs and crumbled cupcakes than a dull one.

If you can’t find or bake mini cupcakes, I’m betting that 1/2 of a regular sized marshmallow will do the trick.

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ‘cones’¬†with appropriate colored frosting will be just right.

With enough frosting, you should be able to stick the right number of birthday candles into one on these cone cupcakes for the birthday child. It might look a bit like a burning porcupine, but then again the whole idea here is an alternative to the traditional birthday cake.

With today’s kids going to a birthday party practically every weekend, a little ‘different’ is a very good thing! So try these ice cream cone cupcakes instead of an ordinary cake or cupcakes¬†and make your party stand out from all the others they go to.

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