How to Juggle Carnival Game Station

Juggler Your circus or carnival birthday party doesn’t have to be limited to pre school age kids- most of the games that fit with this theme are still good fun for older kids. And here’s one they’ll have a great time with. Teach them all how to juggle!!

Not you- but your laptop set up to play¬† a YouTube¬† “How To” video for the kids. This one shows how to juggle 3 balls in easily understood terms- of course, understanding and executing are two different things, but that’s where the fun comes in. Got a teenager who can watch the video and learn how to do it? Have him or her run the juggling game table and give the lessons instead.

You’ll need to provide the kids with the proper balls to follow along with the video (or the teenager), in small groups of two kids, no more than three. You can find the sand or bead filled balls recommended for juggling at Amazon. You’ll need one set of balls for each child in the group- so that’s 2 or 3 sets. These are not only the correct weight and size, when dropped- and they WILL be dropped A LOT- they roll away less, so more time can be spent learning to juggle and less time chasing the balls.

I suspect this game station will be a very popular one at your carnival or circus birthday party, so put your kitchen timer out on the table and limit each group to 10 or 12 minutes. That way, everybody will get a chance to try to juggle.

Toward the end of your party, when everyone’s had a chance to practice, have a juggling competition. Have each guest pick a number out of a hat, and have numbers 1, 2, and 3 start off (assuming you’ve got three sets of juggling balls). Whoever drops a ball is out, and #4 takes his place, etc, on through the group. The last one standing is the winner – and gets to take a set of the juggling balls home as his or her prize.

Juggling is NOT something they get to do every day or at every party, and that alone makes it well worth including in your kids party games for your circus or carnival birthday party.

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