House Gift Boxes

House Gift Boxes

House Gift BoxesPerfect for Holiday giving filled with chocolates or other small gifts, but I see these as having a whole ‘nother life! Thanks to Gabrielle Blair at for this lovely idea and the template to make it all so easy.

The Perfect Gift: House Gift Box.

What young girl wouldn’t LOVE making these at your daughter’s birthday party? The template is included and it just needs to be printed out (I’d recommend colored card stock for that). You can cut out the windows with your exacto knife ahead of time- or not, as you choose, and provide the double sided tape for the construction. Markers or paints for decoration will allow the kids to personalize their gift boxes, and enjoy the process.

Either have the kids make treats to fill their gift boxes or provide an assortment of candies. Let them wrap up the treats in cellophane with curling ribbon to keep it together before placing the goodies in the house for giving. Have pretty ribbon for the finishing touch, and be prepared to help make those lovely bows.

They’ll be thrilled to take their treat boxes home to their moms or big sisters or whomever they choose. And you’ve now got a unique take home party favor in addition to your party craft.

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