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Rush HourHow about a kids birthday gift that’s a really fun game and so good at teaching math that they use it in elementary school for that purpose? And that gets a solid 5 star review from the reviewers on Amazon? That’s so durable one parent says you could throw it out the car window and it wouldn’t be any the worse for wear? And that probably won’t cost you more than $20? Sounds like a winner to me!

Rush Hour is all about getting the little red car out of gridlock, with the help of 40 different challenge cards. Set up all the cars and buses as per the pattern given, and move the cars one by one, all within the traffic laws, until the little red car can escape.

It’s all about spatial math and problem solving, and it’s addictive fun. The game set includes 16 cars and buses in addition to the little red escape vehicle, the grid game board with a storage bag and those 40 challenge cards that provide 4 levels of play from beginner to expert. The tough ones are tough for even adults, yet the beginner ones are great for the kids.

For kids age 8 and up, there’s also a Junior version for kids as young as 6. So this makes a terrific party gift for lots of different age kids. With a national award from Mensa (the genius society) and as a 1999 Parents’ Choice recommended toy, you really can’t go wrong with this one. It can be played solo or by two, so it’s versatile and the fun can be shared with other family members.

You can always buy one for your own children to play at home too – an unbirthday gift!

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