Homemade Skee Ball

Skee BallI ran across a post about making a Skee Ball game out of a pizza box and cardboard, and it got me thinking about this terrifically fun arcade game and how to adjust it for kids birthday parties. And you know what- you can!!

In any arcade, these skee ball games always draw the younger ones because they can manage it and score once in a while. And of course, the shorter the lane, the more probable that they will score and the more fun they will have.

With a shorter distance ramp, the round circles become unnecessary– all that’s needed are holes or cups for the ball to go through to score.

Invest some time putting this together and you’ll have a great birthday party game. Plus, you’ll have a game to play at home afterwards.It’s surely perfect if you’re having a carnival themed party.

Decorate your game with clip art relevant to whatever your party theme and it will be a super addition to your fun.

All you really need to make this game are a ramp with a lip that will ‘flip’ the tennis balls into one of 3-5  cups at different distances from the lip for different scores. Looks like bottomless plastic beer cups work perfectly with the tennis balls. A handy dad might really enjoy putting this together out of some scrap plywood or heavy cardboard. A very handy dad might love this more authentic homemade skee ball project. While the pizza box construction actually used software and a computer to keep score, all you really need are the kids who aren’t currently playing to chase the balls that either miss or go through the cups and to keep the score on a newsprint sheet you’ve taped to the wall.

I’d recommend having your party kids play and score this game in teams– so nobody gets their nose out of joint if they’re not very good at it.

Help really young (i.e. preschool) players to score with a much narrower ramp up to the lip, so the balls don’t have as much chance to get ‘off-course’.

More of a time than money investment to make this to use as one of your games, but a big payoff in terms of party fun AND you’ve got it to use afterward at home for fun with family and friends.

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