Paper Hat

Hats to Decorate

Paper HatHats Off to for sharing this terrific paper hat your can easily make for your party girls to decorate, model at the party and then take home as their party favor. All Things Fancy Nancy – Playdough To Plato.

All it takes to make these is white butcher paper, liquid starch and a paintbrush, and a ball to mold the wet paper to. A basketball is pretty big, but soccer balls are smaller and if, like me, you have rounded bottom mixing bowls, one might be just the perfect size. Judge by your own child’s head and choose accordingly.

Once the starch has dried and the paper formed, trim the hat rim round. You might choose to make the rims various sizes so all the party hats aren’t identical. Either trim with pretty ribbon hatbands/streamers, or if the kids are old enough, let them do that part themselves. Make one for each guest + the birthday girl, and you’re all set.

For decorations, you can go the craft store route for feathers and glitter and flowers, or stick to markers and paints, or provide both. Tissue paper flowers would make great less expensive adornments, and keep them busy a while longer making them (follow link for directions- just provide tissue paper that’s cut to a smaller scale for decorating the hats).

Do remember to take a picture of each girl wearing their creation. Take a snapshot of each along with the birthday girl in her hat, and send these pictures home as additional party momentos.


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