Pirate Hat UpSide Down

Hats for Snacks

Pirate Hat UpSide DownWhy serve your party pretzels or chips in a plastic bowl, especially a plastic bowl that you have to pay for. Instead, have serving pieces that go with your party theme. And hats might be just the thing for your party.

Having a party that includes a bunch of hockey players? Strip out those old hockey helmets, turn them upside down, and with a little kids’ clay underneath to keep them from rolling, they’ll make great popcorn bowls.  Obviously, they need to be lined with plastic wrap first.

Pirate hats for your pirate party. Crowns for your princess party– even homemade paper crowns with no bottom that just keep the chips or pretzels contained. Cowboy hats, baseball caps, straw hats, a detective’s fedora (from the secondhand store).  In fact, a trip with your birthday child to that secondhand store just to buy hats for this purpose might be a lot of fun for both of you.

Not so much for snacks, but here are directions for a great-looking clown hat to use as a centerpiece on your food table at your clown themed party. Or, turn it upside down and fill it with food. Of course, you’ve made it first with your birthday child and had a good time doing that.

One idea usually leads to another, and this makes me think of making papier-mâché containers with your birthday child–  painted whatever colors work for your party decoration theme.  Decorate these with more painted polkadots,  squiggles, whatever, and your serving pieces will be most unique.

Best of all- when uniquely served, plain old pretzels or chips become a much more interesting snack and at least part of your decorating has been taken care of.

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