Graphic Favor Bag

Graphic Bags

Graphic Favor BagIf, as they say, presentation is everything, then these birthday party favor bags are just the ticket. Created for a farm party for a 4 year old by her graphic designer mom, these bags got me thinking what an artistically challenged mom might come up with, with a little help from her computer.

Using store bought colored but plain party bags or gift bags, search the web for graphics that project your party theme. Choose the simpler outlines over the complicated ones as you or your helper(s) will be cutting these out after you print them for your party bags. Then get out the glue sticks.

If the shapes are simple enough and the birthday child old enough, you may even be able to pass the whole job over as a way of getting your son or daughter involved in the party preparation.

With such cute themed party favor bags, it becomes far less important what’s inside, so you can save yourself a few bucks on the actual favors and send them home with extra party cupcakes or cookies, penny candy, a yoyo or other simple toy. The whole idea behind the now ever-present party favor bag is a momento of the occasion, so consider adding “A token of So-and-So’s 7th birthday party” or words to that effect.

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