Figure Sculptures

Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures

Figure SculpturesAnd how proud of him or herself will your child be when they actually make a sculpture of a person? Very, I should guess.

The Imagination Tree: Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures

These are about the coolest at-home art project I’ve seen, and in a different medium than the usual kids paints and markers. A different medium means different learning too- in this case a bit of thinking about human anatomy (or at least body structure).

All these take are skewers (nip off the pointy ends if you’re concerned- they’re not needed for the sculpture), tin foil and tape.

Get on line with your child and explore Giacometti’s sculptures before they begin making their own. Explain how the elongated figures are artistic expression, not trying to be replicas of our actual bodies. With this understanding, the kids won’t feel uncomfortable that their sculptures aren’t ‘perfect’.

And when completed, your child has puppet-like figures for imaginary play.

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