Getting Them Excited

InvitationI’ve said it time and again: the real purpose of invitations is to build excitement for your party. This not only makes your birthday child feel special for days ahead of the event, it gets your guests engaged in your party activities before they even arrive. And engaged kids aren’t wandering off making messes, causing problems or forcing you to be the bad cop.

And the best way to build that excitement is to leave your invited guests wondering what’s in store and creating the impression that it’s not just another “same old” birthday party. Your wording should leave them wondering, such as “Can you Survive?” for an adventure or Survivor party. You can make your invitation in mirror image wording that they have to figure out. Or, do the invitation as one big anagram they have to decode.

Here’s an article with other interesting ideas for making your invitation as attention getting as it should be.

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