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Games Kids AND Adults will Enjoy

Party TogetherThere’s LOTS of good birthday party advice and ideas over on Yahoo Answers. But of course you don’t need yet another place to go looking, do you? No, you don’t. So instead I will look for you and when I find good ideas I’ll bring them over here for you.

Lots of kids birthday parties are family affairs, or family plus friends, so you need activities that can be enjoyed by guests of different ages– both kids and adults. Yahoo Answers had a great post with suggestions for such games, way back 4 years ago. Here’s a synopsis of those ideas.

One of the more hilarious things to do is have adults participate in well crafted kids games. Think three legged races, eggs on a spoon, throw the water balloon through the/into the whatever, Twister, even musical chairs. I’ve had reports that my Survivor Party has been used quite a few times at family reunions, to the delight of all. Since it’s geared to kids age 6 to 8, it just shows how much fun adults can have acting like kids.

Mixed age teams for a backyard or park game of volleyball or soccer is always good fun. Dodgeball too, but warn the Dad’s to tone it down so no kid gets knocked unconscious.

Indoor games tend to be a bit more cerebral than active, but that’s OK, ’cause kids really do like to think and be smart!¬†Tape the name of a famous person or a movie character (all within one universe of names) onto everyones back and have them ask yes/no questions to determine who they are. Set up a Jeopardy type game on topics the kids know better than the adults and the kids will love it!

Fun for all isn’t that hard when your party games¬†brings out everybody’s inner child.

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