Fun with Science

ScienceI keep finding good stuff for parents that’s not really birthday party related. But then again, if you’re concerned about kids birthday parties, you’ve got kids the other 364 days of the year so these neat kids tips should be helpful.

This kids experiment to find out “Which Objects Roll, seemingly structured for a group, could certainly be done with just your own kids at home or when a playdate needs some assistance from mom to be interesting and fun. While the activity itself is a good idea for a learning activity, I must pass along this quote:

The beauty of early childhood is that children are very excited about most things and are brimming with ideas. Before formal education begins is the perfect time to encourage those ideas and build confidence in a child’s ability to think and problem solve.

The real gem in this article is the advice on HOW to structure early science learning and your role as parent in doing it. Be flexible. You provide the structure but don’t take over. The word is ‘experiment’ and we have to let them do it. We can model the use of appropriate scientific language for them – why, how, what if. Encourage their thinking with questions. Bring in the math with measurement and concepts- length, distance, speed, etc.

Another insight– I had never thought about some boys reticence to write and or draw and ways to get around this obstacle and build their confidence: just have them do a check mark to record their results.

Bring science into your kids activities. And while your doing and teaching all this good stuff- their young minds are engaged and they’re having fun learning about the world.

Do you have any good science activities to share? Please post them here for other parents to use with their children.

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