Plate Frogs

Froggie Catcher

Plate FrogsA big shout out ‘Thanks’ to for this great preschool birthday party craft that the kids can then use as one of your birthday party games. I LOVE two-fers! First they’ll make the adorable frog catchers out of paper plates, then have a good time playing catch with them.

This craft involves minimal expense and minimal prep for you. You’ll need two colored paper (not styrofoam- the plates need to fold) plates for each child, construction paper or foam for the eyes and the tongue, stick glue, a stapler and a ping pong balls. Ziggityzoom even gives you the printable templates for cutting out the eyes, eyeballs and the tongue. For preschoolers, you might choose to have these all precut for the kids so all they have to do is assemble the frogs.

Complete instructions for putting these cuties together are on the ziggityzoom website– just follow the link above. Have an extra set of plates etc. so you can demonstrate how to put the frogs together and the kids can follow along. You might want an extra stapler and an extra pair of hands to do the stapling for the kids.

Once complete, it’s time for a game of catch. Your preschool kids will have an easier time catching with their frogs using two hands- one to hold the frog and the other to close the ‘mouth’ around the ping pong ball. Start them out tossing the ping pong balls a short distance to another child to catch with the frog – just a couple of feet.

This activity will work nicely as both a craft and a preschool game at any animal themed partyРa jungle party or a safari party.

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