Frisbee Golf

FrisbeeDid you know there’s actually a PDGA– Professional Disc Golf Association? Me neither. But it’s a game with rules, an association and ‘courses’ around the country.

You can create your own frisbee golf course, or at least a couple of holes, in the park or in your neighborhood (with your neighbors permission, of course). And the kids will have a fine old time trying to get to the ‘hole’ in the least number of throws- just like in regular golf. Just set up ‘tee’ areas and ¬†target holes a suitable distance away and provide the frisbees.

Like real golf, use nature to make the course more or less difficult, depending on the age of your party kids. Plan your holes with trees or shrubs, or even houses or garages, in the way. It’s not always the longest frisbee toss that wins the day- there should be some strategy and short shots involved too.

If your space is more constrained make it frisbee darts instead. Use garden hoses, tape or flour poured out on the ground to create a big bullseye target on your lawn. Give the rings different point values and set up your throwing area an appropriate distance from the target- again depending on the age of your kids. Spice the game up with other targets that reward extra points when hit- a pail, a watering can, whatever you find to use will do the trick.

And if your frisbee golf ¬†devolves into a group game of frisbee – so much the better! Frisbee’s have been around all these years because they’re fun, and making a game out of them will work great at your next outdoor celebration.

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