Friendship Bracelets the Easy Way

Friendship Bracelet

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For all the BFF’s at your next girls birthday party – here’s friendship bracelets to make the EASY way. Here’s  an easy to implement technique to make a friendship bracelet that will allow the girls to do it without getting frustrated and while chatting  together.

Simply put, they also make a cardboard ‘holder’– all it takes is cardboard such as an empty cereal box and scissors to cut some slits to hold the yarn or embroidery floss while they braid it.

Give each girl 7 pieces of colorful yarn 2 feet long and the materials to make their braiding disk- no other supplies are needed for this craft. Follow the very simple instructions you see on link above, and demonstrate to the girls how to proceed to braid their bracelets.  I recommend having plenty of extra yarn as I’ll be they each want to make several bracelets.

And Stephanie over at also has eight different braiding designs included in her instructions for how to make friendship bracelets (NOTE: this is a different link to a different page than the link above). If the girls are old enough to follow these more intricate patterns and instructions, have a laptop and this website available to the group so they can try these out as well. For these more advanced bracelets you’ll need to provide the girls with embroidery floss, and you’ll see some good sources to get it inexpensively on the link page.

Clearly these bracelets are a great kids activity for girls any time, but they’re also just the perfect craft for a slumber party where this gives the girls something fun to do while they sit around chatting and snacking. They’ll have also created their take-home party favors for you!

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