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Disney Busy BookIt’s pretty hard to turn down a freebie, and when it’s got ideas for keeping your kids busy you should grab it. Happy and Busy Child is a Kindle edition ebook at zero cost, at least as of this writing.

Written by a mom of kids between 4 and 15, this ebook is a compilation of all the things she’s done to keep her kids busy, engaged and learning while having fun. And all apparently have an eye on your pocketbook and the activities aren’t budget busters. And with another eye on your pocketbook, this book also gives you ideas for homemade versions of store-bought activities.

One reviewer even suggests leaving these kids activity suggestions for your next teenage babysitter so everyone doesn’t sit in front of the TV the whole time your gone. Brilliant!

The book is full go all kinds of games– indoor, outdoor, winter, vacation/car games, card games. There are old favorites and ones you’ve never heard of and foreign games too. 45 pages of free kids activity ideas sounds great to me.

Happy and Busy Child is not for kids who aren’t reading chapter books yet, but it’s great for parents or older kids who are the game leaders.

In my book, almost ANYTHING is better than TV or violent video games, so grab this freebie and pull out one or more of it’s fun activities next time your hear “I’m Bored!”


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