for Young Engineers

Build It This is an educational toy you’ll be proud to give. It’s perfect for the preschool set:  it’s recommended for age 4 and up because of small parts and choking hazard. Probably a better bet for boys than girls (but then again girls like making stuff too).

Take a look at all the neat things they can make with this set over at the Mama-Jenns blog. Sadly, her contest to win one is over. I didn’t find it quick enough- sorry. But you’ll find her review of the Build It set convincing.

Stimulate their brains to solve problems while they attempt to make a working gizmo. And as Mama-Jenn so correctly points out, stimulate those small motor skills at the same time.

Similar to, but different, from playing with Legos. Instead of just pushing the blocks together, Build It requires more actions- screwing, hammering, twisting, etc. Since things move, the creations are more interactive.

You’ll see on Amazon that their are several different sized sets for you to choose from.This is a toy that encourages creativity and problem solving and is a great addition to any young boys toy box.  You might just want one in your own child’s toy box, birthday gift or not.

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