Flip 4 Math

Flip 4Games make terrific kids birthday gifts and they’re even better when they help kids learn. Make learning fun and it WILL happen. That’s what Flip 4 does for math for kids from age 8.

The concept here is very simple- perform basic math functions on the numbers rolled with dice, and use the results to determine the moves on the game board. It’s simple to learn how to play, but challenging to actually play it to win. There’s a strategy involved to ‘flip’ an opponent off the board.

Flip 4 is a perfect learning complement when the kids are learning their math facts. Having fun with the multiplication tables sure beats dry memorization!

Parents on Amazon give this game a 4+ star rating, and many say that their children ask to play the game with their parents, so you know they enjoy it. Teachers have also bought this game to use in the classroom. Flip 4 has also won multiple awards, so you can feel good about giving it as a birthday party gift.

Currently priced at just around $10 on Amazon, pick up an extra one for your own child at home. Everybody can benefit from practicing and polishing those math skills while having fun with parents or siblings. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players.

[DISCLOSURE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon. Seems reasonable to me…..]

Birthday gifts that give both fun and learning are the best kind. Sure beats plastic ‘stuff’ that ends up broken in the trash or unused on the top shelf in the closet.

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