Every Parent Should See This Video

Those of us blessed with healthy, fully functioning children still need an understanding of the difficulties and challenges faced by many other people. As parents, it’s our job to instill that understanding and sensitivity toward the ‘disabled’ into our kids.

The autism statistics are staggering, so most of us know or know of a family with an autistic child, and the incredible challenges those families face every day. Many of our kids are in contact with autistic children in their schools. The better we all understand this disability, the more supportive we can all be, and that includes our kids and the way they perceive these different children.

This video provides an incredible glimpse into the world of an autistic child. And blows all our preconceptions out of the water. Given the ‘tool’ of a laptop keyboard, this young girl is able to very precisely articulate her thoughts and her feelings, demonstrating remarkable intelligence despite her inability to speak and her autistic behavior. The message to me is certainly that there is way more going on in that brain than is evident and that we onlookers give credit for. And that’s my point here.

Her very short explanation in this video of what her body feels that results in the behaviors we all now associate with autism is stunning. Again, my take away is that there really is a physical cause rather than a mental deficiency, so it’s important that those afflicted with autism be treated as intelligent and mentally capable.

If we parents have a better understanding of and sensitivity toward this very difficult disability, then we can pass it along to our children, and in a very small way create a better world for these highly challenged people. And if your child does know someone with autism and is old enough, I highly recommend showing them this video.

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