Elves, Wizards and Giants

TagHere’s a ‘run off some energy’ outdoor birthday party game that I never heard of that can be tweaked to work with many different party themes. That makes this a valuable addition to the potential repertoire of party games for many different types of parties for a variety of age groups.

As odd as it sounds, this is a combination of that old standby ‘rock-paper-scissors’, and tag. You need enough kids to make two teams and you need plenty of outdoor space for one team to chase the other into a ‘safe’ zone.

Going with the elves, wizards and giants format, start by having the kids all practice the signals that indicate whether they are elves, wizards or giants (hands up to form pointy ears making high pitched noises, hands out casting a spell saying abracadabra, kazaam, etc., arms up making booming, growling sounds – respectively). Of course, the teams could be different animals at your jungle or safari party, different alien species at your Star Wars or space party, enemy pirate bands at your party party, different vehicles at your cars party… you get the idea.

Make a big poster of the ‘rules’ and go over them with the kids. In this version, it’s Elves outwit Wizards, Wizards zap Giants, and Giants squish Elves. Adjust as needed for your theme.

Once all practiced, divide the kids into their two teams and have the two teamsĀ  ‘huddle’ to decide which of the three choices each team will be. Once all have decided, the two teams face off against each other a few feet apart.

Here’s the rock-paper-scissors part of the game: at “3-2-1” each team will reveal who they are with their hand gestures and accompanying noises, and the victors (as per the rules) chase the losers as they dash for the safe zone. Any loser tagged has to join the winning team, and the two teams repeat until everyone is all on one team. And by then, everyone will have run off some energy and had a bunch of fun.

Thanks to the princesspartygames blog for bringing this new and different addition to our party gamesĀ resource for you.

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