Earth Friendly Feasting

RecycleYou CAN have an eco-friendly party without depriving anybody of anything on that special day.

My thanks to for pointing me in this direction with their article by Sophie Uliano, the NYTimes best-selling author of Gorgeously Green.

Quite obviously, the place to start is with all that paper and plastic we all use for serving the childrens party food. Let’s face it, nobody’s going to use their good china, or even their not very good china, with a bunch of rowdy kids. But there are now some good alternatives to both the paper/plastic route and the broken china route.

First off, use cloth not paper napkins. Either invest in some inexpensive but fun and colorful ones that you’ll use all the time at home with your own kids, or dredge up all the ones you’ve got around and don’t give a second thought to the fact that they don’t match- do you really think the kids will care?

Same for your tablecloth- got an old sheet that they can write on or a colorful printed one that would look festive? Or you can have your party guests create your table covering by making big drawings (related to your party theme if you wish) on newsprint that you’ll then have a helper tape together to create your table covering.

And here’s my favorite green tip- using these ‘On the Go’ plastic plates and cups that are made out of recycled yogurt cups. Have some educational fun and tell the kids the story behind their tableware and how maybe even one of the yogurt containers they put into their reclycling bin might be part of their plate! These are reasonably priced, colorful and fun, and can be washed and re-used many times so they’re a good value.

When it comes to doing things in an earth-friendly manner, every little bit helps. The big bonus here is the story behind the plates that can get the kids thinking about being green too – I really like that. So serve up your childrens party food in a green fashion, and pass it on!

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