Drive In Movie Night

Drive In Movie Night Party Plan

Drive In Movie NightA delightful plan for a movie based sleepover party that keeps both kids and mess at least somewhat contained. BRILLIANT!! Thanks to for sharing the entire party plan that I’m passing along to you here.

Not too sure today’s kids even know what a Drive-In Movie is, but no matter, they’ll have fun. All you need to do is have the featured movie, boxes at least somewhat big enough to hold the kids, your snacks, butcher paper, paper plates for wheels and headlights (or construction paper circles). Make sure your invitation says to bring their pillows and blankets.

Cover the boxes with the butcher paper and affix the wheels and headlights. Let the kids decorate their cars as a craft project. Either give them markers and crayons or magazines for pictures to glue on. Construction paper and scissors can also be used to create stick ons.

Instead of just having food, I love the idea here of having the kids buy their food and movie ticket with the play money you give them when they arrive– just makes it all more interesting. You can download and print doll bills from here. Create a ticket box out of whatever you’ve got around the house- a shoebox, a coffee can with a slit in the lid. Download and print tickets here. Print off a movie poster by searching your movie on one of the poster sites on the web, such as all

Settle them down to enjoy the show in their cars. Maybe the movie should be Cars? Whatever the show, they’ll enjoy their own little spaces while they watch and munch and chat. This party plan gives that little something extra to a movie – sleepover party making it just more fun for everybody.

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