Blues Clues Cupcake

Doggy Print Cupcakes

 Blues Clues Cupcake Decorating cupcakes for your kids’ birthday parties is far easier than decorating a cake- mainly because a simple (and hence easier to execute) design works so well in the small space of a cupcake and not so well on the larger surface of a cake.

Simple designs based on easy to make geometric shapes can project many a different party theme. The simplistic 5 blue circles you see here very definitely project your theme as based on the popular TV show Blues Clues.

Given that Blues Clues is pretty much a preschool show and hence party theme, something as simple as this doggy print will delight your guests. Scrunch the paw print either up or down a bit to make room for each child’s name, if you’re so inclined. They love anything with their own name on it!

These are little kids- let them have fun and give them all a candle to blow out.

Change the blue to an orangey-brown, and you’ve got a ScoobyDoo pawprint. Make your icing black or dark brown, and the pawprint could be from any of the animals at your safari or jungle or animal themed party.

Keeping your party food simple works just fine for kids and makes the prep work that much easier on you.

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