Easy Dinosaur Cupcakes

Dinosaur CupcakesThese have to be the easiest yet the funnest dinosaur birthday cupcakes that you can make to serve at your preschool dinosaur birthday party. Here’s a shout out to all the creative people at Disney Family Fun. They’d also be great to send to school for a birthday or just about any other celebration that calls for cupcakes.

You probably need to make your cupcakes rather than use store bought ones in order to get the ‘grass’ to adhere – the fresher the icing the better adhesion you’ll get. But with a box mix, making the cupcakes just doesn’t take very long.

Dyed shredded coconut will be your grass. Just place the coconut in a plastic bag along with some liquid green food coloring and give it a few shakes. Grass is now done and ready to be placed on top of your white or brown frosted cupcakes.

Top with washed plastic dino’s from the store. That’s all there is to it! Very easy fareĀ for your next dinosaur party.

Family Fun also has a great idea for brachiosaurus hats you can make out of large sized construction paper for all your guests. (Scroll part way down the page linked to above to find the hats.) The only thing other than the paper that you’ll need to buy are googly eyes from the craft store to make these hats extra fun for the kids. I’d suggest you have them all assembled ahead of time, fitting the bands to children’s heads and stapling them together upon arrival. The hats will get everybody in ‘dino mode’ and ready to participate in your planned activities.

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