Dinosaur Birthday Cake

DinosaurI promised you some more dinosaur birthday party ideas, so here’s one for a dinosaur birthday cake. Obviously perfect for a dino themed party, but also perfect just to add a different touch instead of an ordinary birthday cake to a different themed party such as an outdoor – backyard party or a pool party. All kids love dinosaurs so you really can’t lose with this one.

If you google ‘dinosaur birthday cake’ you’ll see some really incredible cakes that you could make– most of which are really complex and really time consuming. If that’s your thing- go for it! If not, this colorful stegosaurus cake is much much simpler and pretty darn cute. I don’t have permission to use their photo of the cake, so do click on the link to take a look.

Full instructions are included on the page referenced above, but simply put all you need are a 13″ x 9″ sheet type cake (store bought or box made at home, your choice), store bought or home made frosting, food coloring, some candies as specified, and a small resealable plastic bag to make into a decorating bag. Nothing extraordinary required.

Putting this dinosaur birthday cake together is equally simple. Cut out the simple stegosaurus shape (as per the illustration) from your sheet cake, tint your frosting purple or whatever color you want to use, add the candies to your frosted dino and your cake is all done.

Childrens birthday cakes needn’t be professional-looking; they need to be colorful and fun and this one fits the bill. And the kids don’t have to be the only ones to have some fun with their party food – you can enjoy making this guy without spending hours and hours and hours.

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