Dino Egg Race

Dino EggAdd a challenge to the old standby spoon race and you’ve tweaked the game into a dinosaur themed relay race that the preschool aged kids will really enjoy. Thanks to familyfun.go.com for this dinosaur birthday party idea.

Save your cereal boxes so you have 2 empty boxes for each team of children at your dinosaur party ( or, two for each child at your party if you want them all to just have some fun traipsing about as dinosaurs). Tape the open end shut. Cut a 4 1/2 inch wide circle in the top of the box for the foot opening- position this using your child’s foot to get it in the right place. Using either the green craft foam as suggested in the post referenced above or green poster board, cut out your dino feet. Don’t sweat the small stuff, these don’t need to be perfect: a ”u” shape as pictured in the post is sufficient. Cut a 5″ ‘X’ in the feet positioned to cover the whole you put in the cereal boxes. Draw or glue on your dino claws.

Attach the dino feet to the top of the cereal boxes aligning the holes in the boxes and the green feet. Use a glue gun for the craft foam or a glue stick or rubber cement if you’re using the poster board. A few staples into the posterboard (away from where their feet might touch the staples) would also be a good idea.

Line up your teams with a chair or other obstacle to go around at the far end of each team’s relay race course. Give each team their dino feet, a wooden spoon and a plastic egg or small ball. On 1-2-3, have the first racers put on their feet, and carry their egg through the course, passing the spoon with the egg and the feet to the next team member. If they all have their own feet, just pass the egg on the spoon.

You know that tried and true games like this will work well as one of your dinosaur games, yet the kids don’t know they’re old fashioned. Of course, these could be any type of animal feet at your jungle or safari party too- it’s not limited to tweaking for a dinosaur birthday party.

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