Dance Contest

DancingCall it a party theme or a game, no matter: a dance contest will keep them engaged, involved and having a great time. And you don’t need to be a dance instructor to pull this off. Like the answer to so many questions these days, the internet will do for you what you might not be able to do for yourself. Just google ‘dance videos’ and you’ll finds lots.

This theme/game is best for preteen or early teens, and perhaps best for an all girl group. Although, for the right group of boys and girls, it could be a great ‘girls against boys’ competition. Remember, this isn’t going to be ‘sissy’ dancing- it’s stuff that the major artists all do- guys included.

Have your birthday child review the dance videos and choose 3 or 4 that he/she  thinks the group could copy and rehearse for a show. Check them out to make sure they’re not overly complicated and the kids can actually do what’s required to pull it off.

For two teams competing for your top dance prize, you’ll need two laptops– I’m sure you can borrow a second for the party if you don’t have two at home. Split your group into the two teams and send each to a separate location for 20-30 minutes to view their dance video and start practicing. Pull them out for a break/snack, and follow their lead as to how much more time they need to refine their act. Probably another 20-30 minutes, but let them set the pace. I recommend having a helper for each group to run the video, back it up etc. as they practice.

Draw straws or flip a coin to determine which team performs first. Instruct the audience (the other team) that each team member will be rating the performance on a scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being the best. Give them little pieces of paper to record their scoring, and collect them after the performance. Repeat the process with the other team.

Save the best for last- a whole group rehearsal and performance for the parents coming to pick them up. The winning team gets to choose the act-  a third dance routine or one of the two already done. You’ll probably want to have birthday cake for everyone, parents included, before the last performance.

They’ll be so busy dancing this will be a very easy party to host for a not so easy age group to keep engaged. So think hard about hosting a dance themed party for your tween or young teen.

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