Princess Cupcakes

Cupcake Wrappers

Princess Cupcakes

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What little princess wouldn’t want their birthday cupcake with such a royal presentation? Even store-bought cupcakes are fit for a princess when decked out in these adorable wrappers.

Not that you couldn’t figure it out for yourself, but just to make it easy I’ve made a very simple template you can print out for the cupcake wrapper. Print it out on colored paper, even construction paper. Tape it together to fit your cupcakes, and trim the scallop edge as necessary.

If you don’t want the “Princess” on the wrapper, just click on the words and delete. You can’t do it in Word, but if you have a graphics manipulation program, you can change the wording to whatever you want, save it as a jpg or other graphics format, insert it into the CupcakeCrown document, and rotate it is needed to place it on the wrapper.

Add glittery stick-ons or fake jewels for the full effect. I’d color coordinate the cupcake frosting to the color of your wrapper paper, just as in the photo.

For a wrapper that’s not for a princess, cut off the scallop edge, remove the princess wording, and decorate as you please: cowboy stickers, dino stickers, whatever your theme. For example, a dinosaur theme might call for green frosting and green or brown wrapper paper.

Cupcakes are easy, and this wrapper makes them extra special for your Princess Party or whatever theme you’re using.

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