Crown those Princesses

CrownLet all the princesses at your Princess Party make and wear their very own crowns. With some preparation from you, this is a craft activity that the pre-school set will love and can do pretty much solo.

You will need to purchase gold or silver posterboard (perhaps best done on-line as I’ve never seen in at a place like Staples), fake jewels and any other decorations you think the kids might like, and the glue to stick them on. Sequins, glitter, feathers, all come to mind, and a tarp on the floor of your crafting space will make your life much easier at clean-up time.

It will add to your expense but using pretty colored netting (tulle) or wide satin type ribbon from the fabric store can make a fun way to properly size the crowns so they stay on and can actually be worn. You’ll need 2 yards for each crown, but if using the tulle it only needs to be about 12” wide (so you get more than one out of each yard).

Either make your own or download a crown template and cut one for each child out of the mettalic poster board. If using the tulle or ribbon, only cut out the front of the crown. Otherwise cut 1 ½” bands from the poster board to attach to each side of the front to go all the way around the children’s heads.

Once all decorated, fit the crowns to their heads. If using the poster board bands, staple them to the front of each crown, size it and cut off the excess and staple the two bands together to form a circle. If using the netting or ribbon, staple these to the sides of the crown front and tie them on the kids with the excess streaming down their backs (which they’ll love). Fan fold the tulle together so it’s only an inch or so wide and then staple it to the crown.

Make sure you have a nice big mirror so they can all admire their royal selves. And remember to make a crown for yourself ahead of time that you wear and that gives them ideas for decorating their own crowns.

Instead of spending money buying them all crowns at the party store, now you’ve got something that keeps them busy for 15 to 20 minutes and that they’ll feel good about taking home as a party favor.

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